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Web Design Guidelines [2023]


Web Design Guidelines are the most important to success. All the steps you need to know step by step. It increases user experience and helps search engine ranking. If you want to get good results, this content is for you.


What is Web Design

Nowadays we take enough courses or learn various things to get a good job. In this case, by taking a course in web design or learning about it, you can get a lot of good jobs. Moreover, if you have good skills in this regard, you can start your own web design business.

A few years ago, there was no demand for web designing or web designers. But, in the last 1-2 years, there has been a lot of demand in this field. And, in the time to come, the demand for web designing will increase a lot.

You can visit various online job portals. You will see many jobs related to web designing in famous job search portals like indeed and naukri.com.

Moreover, you can see there that in the jobs with this profession, starting from 2 lakh taka mine (salary) to more than 20 lakh taka mine is being paid per year.

Apart from the job, you can open a web designing agency with your web design skills. Moreover, by freelancing you can earn money online by doing various web design-related work for others. Today, there are ample opportunities in this profession.

So let’s go to know “what is web design”.
Today, the internet and its usage are everywhere and its usage is increasing day by day. In this case, all kinds of small and large companies, firms, or most businesses, are launching at least one site (website) for marketing or marketing their business on the Internet.

One, site JK can also be thought of for any purpose. A site can be created for that purpose, online marketing, product promotion, providing online services, communicating with customers, digital marketing, or any other purpose.

Different types of websites can be created for different reasons.

Now, those who design and build these different types of sites are called web designers. And, web designing is the skills, experience, or process used by web designers to design or prepare a website.

Simply put, the process of designing or creating a site well is called web design.

And, to design, create or maintain (maintain) websites of various organizations or businesses, a web designer with the skills of web designing is required.

Now, if you too are thinking about “how to learn web design”, then don’t worry.

Below, I will tell you what you need to learn about web designing, how many days it will take to learn, how to learn web design, and how profitable this career is.

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What to learn to be a web designer?

You don’t need any special qualifications to learn web design. If you have even a little desire in this field, then you can learn web design through various courses.

So let us know, what we need to learn especially for doing this course.

Photoshop basics:

Hey, you need to learn some Photoshop basics. Because, before making a site, we need to make an estimate or design it in Photoshop. This will be of sufficient benefit later on in building the site.


HTML stands for “Hyper Text Markup Language” which is a kind of coding language. This is a markup language that is used to create web pages (websites). Learning HTML is fairly straightforward and after knowledge of it, you can certainly make a common web page.


CSS stands for Cascading style sheet which is a kind of coding language. HTML gives structure to our website. And, CSS works to style and design the structure of web pages we create through HTML. A web page can be made beautiful and attractive by CSS.


JavaScript is a type of client-side scripting language that is used to influence various types of processes or processes on a webpage. Knowledge and experience in JavaScript are very important for an excellent and skilled web designer.

Turn on the lights one by one as I mentioned above. First, learn about HTML and create a few using it regularly. This means you have to practice every day.

Then, after this knowledge of HTML, learn about CSS. And, finally, learn about JavaScript.

By practicing these things daily, you can become a very good designer in no time.

In this case, you can do a web design course from a very good institute or college. In this, you can learn everything easily and accurately.

Moreover, from W3Schools.com you can learn enough coding languages related to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and web design from the comfort of your own home.

How many days or time will it take to learn web design?

To be honest, it is not that easy to tell how many days it will take to learn web designing. Because there are many answers to this question.

How quickly you learn web design will depend on your coding practice and your own interests.

If you practice very well regularly, then you can learn web designing very well in just 5 to 6 months.

In fact, it will take you about 1 to 2 months to learn the common things of web design (CSS, HTML, JavaScript). But, that also depends on your learning speed.

So, with interest in learning and regular practice, you can learn site designing faster. And, after that, you can increase your skills with more advanced subjects.

Get Web Design Guidelines online

You can easily learn about web design or CSS, HTML, JavaScript and many other things by sitting in your room and using some free sites.

W3Schools :

Most trusted and profitable website to learn coding or any programming language. You can learn CSS, HTML, JavaScript and everything related to designing websites with examples here.

Codecademy.com :

This site is used by many people to learn web designing online through sitting in the room and nowadays you can learn enough things. Here you are taught step by step by live project.

YouTube.Com :

You all don’t know about YouTube. Here you will find different types of tutorials or courses that you can learn by watching videos. You can find a lot of courses by typing in the course you want to learn and searching.

Khanacademy.org :

You can learn HTML, CSS, advanced JavaScript, jQuery, and many more programming languages ​​for free from khan academy’s computer programming site. Here you can learn the course by listening live tutorial audio and seeing examples.

Coursera.org :

You can use this online free website to learn web design.

Edx.org :

Apart from the web design course, you can learn enough other courses here for free.

So friends, if you have an abundance of time, or want to learn web design sitting in your room for any other reason, then you can learn by visiting the above websites.

How to learn web design and how much money can be made?
As I have already told you above, there are a lot of opportunities today for people who have done web design courses or who have skills in this field.

They can earn money using their learned work or skills through various means. For example,

  • Freelancing works online.
  • There is a chance to get a good job.
  • By own 1 web designing agency or business.

Earn money through freelancing

By working online through freelancing, your income will depend on the amount of work you do. The more jobs you get online, the more you will earn. In fact, the job opportunities in this field are more than enough and hence there is a chance to earn money.

You can go to the websites of freelancer and UpWork and create an account there to find small and big jobs or projects related to web designing for yourself. And, after doing the tasks properly continuously you will get paid for those tasks.

Money income by job

And, if you look at the job, the salary of a web designer in India depends on his experience and skills. The more years of experience you have, the higher the salary will be.

Also, if you talk about monthly salary or salary, then a fresh web designer’s salary is around Rs.20,000 to Rs.25,000. And, the salary of an experienced web designer can range from around Rs.35,000 to Rs.45,000. In some cases, even more mines have a power chance.

Own agency, company or business

Finally, if you think of doing a web designing agency business, then here you will have the chance to earn millions of rupees. So, there are many companies, businesses or individuals who want to create a website for themselves.

In this case, you have to find clients for yourself and design and maintain websites for them. This way, you can get paid for every client you build a website from. The more clients you have and the more you can create.

Today it takes less than Rs.10,000 to build 1 website. Then you can earn 10 x 10,000 = 1,00,000 rupees by creating only 10 sites in a month. This is just an example. Today, there is a chance to gain even more.

Today, with the internet and demand for sites increasing, web designers are earning millions by owning a web design agency or company designing sites for people.

How to learn web design?

Now, at the end, we have the question, “How to learn web design”? That’s why?

So know, you can do this course in two ways to become a beautiful web designer.

  • Online Web Design Course.
  • Offline web design course.

You can do or learn this course by using the above various sites for doing online courses.

And, if you are a fresh graduate or just passed 12th, then I would say do this course from a good institute or university.

In this, you will enjoy learning more and can solve your difficulties or problems with the help of a teacher or a different classmate.

Moreover, after completing the course from such an institute or college, you will be given a certificate which will help you a lot to get a job in the future.

So, if you want to do a web design course for your interest and general knowledge, then you can learn a lot by using online sites.

But, if you are very serious about this and thinking of making a career in web designing, then take 1 full-time web designing course from a good institute along with getting knowledge from various online websites.

Final Words

So, friends, I pray “What Is Web Design In Bangla”, how to learn, what to learn, and everything related to it, I have been able to explain to you in a beautiful way. I have continuously tried to explain the matter very well to you. If you have any other questions or problems regarding what is a web design, then let us know by commenting below. We will certainly cooperate with you.



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