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Vinny-Rodrigo’s Dream Come True by Getting Ronaldo

dream of ronaldo come true

In 2018, Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid. The Portuguese great changed teams twice more after leaving Real. Ronaldo’s connection to Real is still strong, though.

A recent Real-Ronaldo reunion took place in Saudi Arabia. Where the young Real players’ dream of playing for Ronaldo has come true. Vinicius Junior-Rodrigora used photos of themselves with Ronaldo to share their joy on social media.

Ronaldo just switched teams and joined Real’s team Al Nasr. To compete in the Spanish Super Cup, Real’s whole team is still in Saudi Arabia.

On Monday night, Real will square off against Barcelona in the championship match. The “Los Blancos” team is getting ready at Al Nasr Sports City for this encounter. There, Ronaldo ran into the genuine stars.

Following the signing of this football legend, not only the young players but also the Real coach and officials voiced their admiration for Ronaldo.

One of Real’s budding stars is Rodrigo. This Brazilian sensation has since earned a spot on the team and shown himself. Ronaldo was photographed by Rodrigo, who then shared the image on Instagram. “Meeting my biggest ideal,” he captioned the photo.

Vinicius Jr., a teammate and another prominent Brazilian player, chose not to contribute. He displayed the Greatest of All Time emoji (Goat).

An image of Real coach Ancelotti and Ronaldo was published. One of us, he captioned the photo. I appreciate Cristiano (Ronaldo) coming.

Additionally, Real Madrid shared a video on social media featuring the team’s players. The movie also demonstrates how young stars are enthralled by one of the greatest stars in Real history.

When you meet your hero, according to actual authorities, is what this video’s caption reads.



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