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PSG Profited by Buying Neymar

Profited by Buying Neymar

22 million Euros are involved. It was more than 2,087 crore 450 million at the start of August 2017 in Bangladeshi currency. Neymar left Barcelona for PSG for this astronomical transfer fee.

Profited by Buying Neymar

Include all the regal amenities. One of the contract provisions said that he would receive a bonus provided he treated the supporters well, was kind to everyone at the club, and adhered to the rules. This bore the moniker “Ethical Bonus.”

By investing so much money on the face of Brazilian football, what did PSG gain? 4 French Leagues, 3 French Cups, and 2 French League Cup medals. Why is Neymar required for PSG to win these titles? The query might come up.

Since PSG already had French League and Cup victories before Neymar joined PSG. Even though PSG frequently won these championships and paid a record transfer fee to acquire Neymar, the Paris club has yet to win the Champions League. But is Daniel Riolo of the French news outlet “RMC” telling the truth?

Daniel Riolo, a “RMC” journalist, also condemned Neymar. “Do we comprehend that Neymar is the worst failure in the history of football in terms of pay and transfer fees,” he asked. There is no greater failure than this, in my opinion.

Honestly, did Neymar fail at PSG? Perhaps Neymar was purchased by this French team for a purpose that the Brazilian footballer was unable to carry out. But Neymar is as at blame for this as he is for his bad luck.

Because Neymar’s ailment has frequently made it difficult for PSG to accomplish its objectives or for Neymar to perform at his peak level on the football field.

Since that debut in a PSG jersey, Neymar’s narrative has remained essentially unchanged. being injured while remaining in rhythm while playing excellent football on the pitch. It is the subject of many different sorts of controversy.

Do not consider making your PSG debut in 2017. This footballer scored three goals and one goal in his first two games wearing the PSG jersey. In the third game, Saint Etienne failed to score but put on a Neymar-like display of flashy dribbling that deceived defenders. In the first two Champions League games, he scored twice.

At the end of February 2018, Neymar, who was performing admirably, sustained an injury. Due to the injury, I was unable to participate in the second leg of the round of 16 match against Real Madrid. PSG dropped 2-1 without him.

Neymar participated in the first round of the final sixteen but failed to register a goal. Neymar’s right leg injury prevented him from playing the entire season, not just the Real Madrid game. In just 28 games during the season, he scored 30 goals. 20 goals were scored in 19 league games, and 6 in the Champions League.

The following year, Neymar also made his debut. But tragedy strikes once more. Because of the injury in January 2019, Neymar missed 85 days of play. He did not participate in either of Manchester United’s last-four Champions League games.

Neymar-less PSG defeated United 2-0 in the first leg at Old Trafford but was unable to repeat the feat at home. Neymar was cheering on the squad from the VIP section at Parc des Princes during the second leg of the match.

After PSG’s game-ending contentious penalty cost them the victory, Neymar slammed UEFA on Instagram. The Brazilian star must serve a three-match Champions League suspension as punishment for this.

Neymar returned to the field following his injury recovery for the French League Cup final. In the tiebreaker, PSG was defeated by Rennes in the championship game. Neymar was once again at the center of controversy in that championship. He clashed with the audience at the conclusion of the game

The beginning of the 2019–20 season is different from previous starts, though. He began stirring some controversy this time. The Brazilian missed his scheduled return to PSG training after a vacation. The “ethical bonus” is taken away by the club as punishment.

He had another justification for arriving late. He once more ‘courted’ his former team Barcelona throughout this season. Nevertheless, he was ultimately unable to do so. Since winning the 2018 World Cup, Mbappe has become a rising figure in European football.

Neymar may have understood that dealing with Mbappe would be challenging if he prevailed in his ego conflict with Cavani. Many think this is one of the many motives Neymar has for wanting to leave.

This season has been Neymar’s best in a PSG jersey in terms of team success, despite a contentious start. PSG excelled, winning three domestic championships. Additionally, Neymar participated in his first Champions League final game. Neymar acted as the point man throughout.

In the Champions League quarterfinals versus Atalanta, an assist was provided on the tally in extra time. In the semifinal matchup versus Leipzig, a goal was assisted. The unfortunate Neymar, though, cannot share PSG’s ambition of winning the Champions League.

This Neymar discussion might not have taken place if he had won the Champions League that year! However, the truth is that Neymar struggled in the season’s pivotal game against Bayern Munich in the championship game.

The following season did not see much of a change in Neymar’s destiny. He broke the PSG record for the quickest 50 goals this season. The league championship, though, was not won.

Losing to Manchester City in the Champions League semifinals. In both leagues of the semi-finals, Neymar was on the pitch. Nothing that I could say. Neymar’s performance, though, pleased PSG officials. Neymar renewed his contract with PSG this year.

Neymar left Barcelona in 2017, but why? Many claim that Kandi Kandi was powerless to elude the hand of money. Neymar wants to escape Lionel Messi’s shadow, some claim once more.

In 2021, Messi joined that squad thanks to Neymar’s PSG. Neymar is rumored to have played a significant “agent” role in this squad switch. Both of them had a rough first season when Messi joined PSG.

Due to injuries, Neymar remained inconsistent throughout the entire season. However, this season has seen an increase in the two’s chemistry. Neymar is pleased with the outcome.

He has 15 goals this season in 23 games for PSG across all competitions. 13 more goals were scored with teammates. But following the World Cup, Qatar has struggled to regain its best form. Additionally, he was suspended for the following two games after receiving a red card on December 28 against Strasbourg.

In conclusion, Neymar is still a topic of contention. How much did PSG gain by signing the Brazilian superstar at such a price? The situation may last till PSG wins the Champions League.



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