The price of Messi’s jersey has risen to 28 lakhs

Messi's jersey 28 lakhs

PSG has a history of selling player jerseys at auction. PSG auctions off the uniforms worn by players because of their popularity of them among supporters. Huge quantities of money were used by supporters to purchase it. On the website of PSG, the auction took place.

Messi's jersey 28 lakhs

Participants in live auctions might be supporters. The French team adhered to another rule when presenting the shirt to the recipient. Additionally, the fan receives a jersey authenticity certificate. Therefore, PSG supporters are making fun of Messi’s jersey this time.

In addition to Messi’s jersey, 17 additional jerseys were sold at auction, according to Spanish media Marca and British media Mail Online. In his first game back at PSG following the World Cup, Messi met Ange. According to Marca, the Messi shirt from the game was purchased by a Chinese national for $47,000,300.

The starting bid for each jersey in the seven-day auction was $96.20. After seven tries, the Chinese national was successful in purchasing Messi’s shirt from Angers, starting at 24,000 dollars.

At the auction, jerseys for Kylian Mbappe and Neymar were also auctioned. The jerseys that Neymar and Mbappe wore against Lens and Strasbourg have been purchased by fans. The price of Neymar’s jersey was 8,610 dollars. Mbappe’s shirts have gone up for sale twice.

The price difference between the two items is $15,000 362 for one and $16,000 353 for the other. Since November of last year, PSG has started auctioning off player uniforms.

Last night, PSG defeated Riyadh All Star 5-4 in a friendly match in Saudi Arabia. Messi faced Cristiano Ronaldo, who recently signed with the Saudi club Al Nasr. Fans’ curiosity in the jersey that Messi wore in this game was only reasonable given that it was a battle versus Ronaldo.

The shirt that Messi wore in the contest with Ronaldo has also been put up for sale by PSG. The cost of the jersey has increased to $27,000 193 so far (about 28 lakh 72 thousand taka in Bangladeshi currency). The auction’s conclusion is still seven days away. It should go without saying that Messi’s jersey will cost more at this time.


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