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Gerrard Will Go to Germany to Take Bellingham to Liverpool

Gerrard will go to Germany

Richard Gerrard. one of the greatest players in Liverpool Football Club’s history. However, this former English midfielder had to retire from the game with the sadness of having never tasted Premier League victory.

Gerrard will go to Germany

This season’s Premier League is not going well for Gerrard’s previous team, Liverpool. The team is quite inconsistent on the field due to injuries. Due to the subpar performance, Jurgen Klopp’s club is currently in the middle of the points standings. Who knows where Liverpool will finish the league at the end of this year?

The Merseyside team, however, has already begun the process of getting their team ready for the following year. Liverpool is attempting to sign Borussia Dortmund’s young English football player Jude Bellingham as part of that strategy.

Real Madrid, the dominant force in club football, is also interested in signing the 19-year-old midfielder Bellingham. It has been a little trickier for Liverpool to sign the £8 million Bellingham player now that the Spanish powerhouses have entered the market.

At that moment, Gerard stepped forward. The former Liverpool captain stated before the Liverpool-Chelsea game that he would bring Bellingham to Germany if necessary.

Gerrard might have made a joke about visiting Germany. But Gerrard, who represented Liverpool in professional football for 17 straight seasons from 1998 to 2015, stated why Liverpool needs a player like Bellingham, saying, “(Liverpool) needs a player like Bellingham. I love him a lot.

A number 8 who can sprint into the goalmouth of the opposition and score is what Liverpool need. Bellingham have every virtue.

Gerrard stated, “All he (Bellingham) needs to do is to add a date to meet me in his diary.” Gerrard, a lifelong member of the Liverpool club, hopes to persuade Bellingham to take him to his favorite club.

I’ll take a flight to Dortmund after that, meet him for dinner, and then drive him home.

Does Gerrard intend to visit Germany? Since being fired as the coach of Aston Villa earlier this season, he has had a ton of free time on his hands.



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