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What Benzema said as the reason for not taking pictures with Ronaldo

Benzema said

Real Madrid is currently in Saudi Arabia for the Spanish Super Cup final, where the Real team has also been reunited with Cristiano Ronaldo of Saudi club Al Nasr. Vinicius Jr.-Rodrigo, a young Turk who plays for Real, has realized his desire by being in close proximity to Ronaldo.

Benzema said

A photo of “CR Seven” with two Brazilian celebrities was also taken and posted. Karim Benzema, a longtime comrade, was absent from all of the photographs featuring Ronaldo.

Additionally, there are reports of a rift in their previous partnership. Benzema, however, ruled out the likelihood of it happening. He claimed that no photos are required to demonstrate their friendship.

In the Spanish Super Cup final tonight, Real and Barcelona will square off in the first El Clasico of the year. Real worked out earlier in Al Nasr Sports City. Ronaldo had the opportunity to meet the Real Madrid players, coaches, and officials there.

Real celebrities posed for photos with Ronaldo and shared them on social media. Benzema was not seen with Ronaldo, though. We don’t need to show that we are friends by taking a picture, Benzema later responded when asked why he did not upload a photo with Ronaldo. Instagram and Twitter are the main uses for photos. He is from another planet.

We did not have time to exchange hello because I was in practice and he had to head down to exercise right away, according to Benzema, who said that Ronaldo was preoccupied in training. I’m hoping to run see him tomorrow at the stadium. When it happens, we can communicate.

Earlier, Rodrigo, a rising star for Real, snapped a photo of Ronaldo and shared it on Instagram. The caption said, “Meeting my biggest ideal,” he stated. Vinicius Jr., a teammate and another prominent Brazilian player, chose not to contribute. He displayed the Greatest of All Time emoji (Goat).



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